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About IPC

Our Vision

To be the leader in sales and safety among our industry competitors by providing products and services that meet or exceed our customers needs today and in the future.

Our Mission

To create industry leading returns for our shareholders by challenging and empowering our employees to have an unequal passion for continuous improvement, while being dedicated to our environment, health and safety.

Our Goals

Customer Satisfaction
Employee Satisfaction
Revenue Growth
Cost Reduction
Safety & Compliance

Our Values

High Performance Standards

Continually improve our processes
Commitment to employee training
Meet all commitments
Set challenging goals

Innovation & Creativity

Challenge the status quo
Encourage creative solutions
Anticipate & embrace change
Seize profitable growth opportunities

Service Excellence

Actively listen to our customers
Encourage employee participation
Deliver world-class customer service

Respect for People

Value diversity
Lead by example
Demonstrate integrity and honesty
Work smart and keep balance in our lives

Empowerment & Communication

Recognize and reward achievement
Act decisively with a passion for success
Take responsibility and accept accountability
Instill teamwork and communication across departments

Our Value Propostion

We deliver more than just propane. We deliver an unmatched level of service, quality and safety.

The Industry Leader in Customer Safety
Never Run Out of Gas Commitment
Same Day Service
Price Protection and Customized Pricing
24-hour Emergency Service
Metered Service / Pay-As-You-Use
Special Financing Terms
Equipment Lease & Purchase Programs
Qualified/Licensed Service Technicians
Flexible Billing and Payment Plans
Customer Referral Programs
Customer Training Programs
People use propane in or outside their homes for furnaces, water heaters, appliances, outdoor grills and more. On farms, propane is used for things like irrigation, crop drying, tobacco curing and barn or shop heating. In industrial operations, forklifts and fleet vehicles operate on propane. And millions of commercial establishments, including restaurants, hotels and ski resorts depend on propane for heating, cooking and other uses. Sometimes referred to as liquefied petroleum gas, LP-gas or LPG, propane is a hydrocarbon (C3H8) and is produced from both natural gas processing and crude oil refining. It is nontoxic, colorless and virtually odorless.

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